Getting your message out with Customized inserts!

Now Hiring! sign with custom job opening strips!

When the team at Salisbury Apartments was looking to hire new sales consultants and additional people for their collections department, they decided to purchase a large A-Frame sign with customized inserts.

The inserts they chose are a combination a custom vinyl insert and a message board insert which we altered to work for them.  When they chose their insert style they decided to think of their future needs as well as their immediate need.  The team chose to get customized words for each of their company’s departments to go with the message board portion of the sign so that they could easily change out the type of employee they were looking to hire at any given time.

The top half of the insert is a customized vinyl insert this portion of the sign stays the same so it has generic information only such the company logo, web address, phone number and the fact that they are “Now Hiring!”.  The bottom half of the insert has message board tracks for the interchangeable words, letters and numbers that can be utilized in any combination that you wish.  This was the perfect combination for Salisbury  Apartments needs,

make sure you chose the right insert style or combination of styles for your needs.

If you need custom inserts drop us a note on our contact page or give us a call!  We would love to price out an option that fits your needs.

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