Sidewalk Sign

A Extra Large self standing sign uses any 3 foot by 2 foot insert

Just like our well known A-Frame Sidewalk signs this freestanding sign needs no other support than the included feet that snap right on with just a quarter turn.  Plus the On The Step feature allows you to slide in any insert holding the sign without screws, tape or Velcro.

Order one of these Extra Large Sidewalk Signs for only $226.00

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24 x 36 inch signs slide in and out of this unique sign holder.  Stands upwrite with easy to instal feet

No more Bolts, Velcro, or Tape!

This sign is made of 100% post consumer recycled plastic including milk bottles just like our other sign frames.  This large sturdy frame stands about 41 inches tall and has large easy to install feet that are 17 inches wide for stability.

Shop online or Call Toll Free 1 800 253-1920

Easy to Add Feet!

The feet are easy to install with just one quarter turn and can be secured with a screw if the application needs one.  Holes are on the top of the foot providing just the right amount of water to keep the sign up on windy or gusty days.

This Sidewalk sign that takes a 24 x 36 inch insert stacks flat and transports without it's feet on

The On The Step Sidewalk Sign without a foot on, easy to transport lies flat in the car

By rotating the foot just 1.4 turn it snaps onto the 41 inch tall by 31 inch wide sidewalk sign

Rotating the foot just 1/4 turn installs it onto the Sidewalk sign. The water can be left in if you like, removing the feet for transport in a car

Once installed on the sidewalk sign the foot can be fastened with a screw and filled with water if needed

The foot snaps into place, a hole is provided at the bottom to fasten with a screw if you like.

The feet can be filled with water, if the event is short or you need to bring the sign in at night the water can be left in the foot when it is removed. The sign is then easy and lightweight to transport or store for the next day. Note the slots in the feet, perfect for a cable lock if that is something that you need in your area.

or Call Toll Free 1 800 253-1920

This Sidewalk Sign can accept any of our Extra Large accessories

Be sure to order the Extra Large 24 x 36 Accessories for your Sidewalk Sign