Deluxe Extra Large Printed Kit

Printed Inserts with On The Step A-Frame Sign!

This package includes a deluxe extra large On The Step A-Frame sidewalk sign and a pair of printed inserts from your PDF file! The sign is a very sturdy barricade style sign that is 46 inches tall and 27 inches wide.

The printed four color inserts are a full 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall.

This A-Frame sign comes with two printed 24 inch by 36 inch inserts that are easy to changeFrom your PDF file we image your sign with UV stable environmentally friendly water based inks.  A extra layer of UV laminate is added for years of service.

These are shipped installed in your On The Step Sign!

Once you have placed your order send us your PDF file HERE or email us on our CONTACT page and we create your outdoor waterproof UV stable display and this ready to use kit will be on it’s way to you in just a few days. Any image is possible including full color photographs! Be sure to save your file “for print” and make sure your scans are high resolution (150 dpi @ 100%) for the best quality.

See our detailed guide on sign design for the best results.  You can find the Design Guide in our Accessories area, be sure to order the kit for the best value!

Special Sale $395!

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This Special offer includes

  • Large 40 inch tall  by 26 inch wide On The Step Changeable A-Frame Sidewalk Sign
  • Available in White or Midnight Black
  • TWO 24 by 36 inserts printed from your PDF file
  • Inserts are four color process (CMYK) full rich saturated colors!
  • Shipped in 3 days or less from the time we get your file

Use this Sandwich Board Sign Again and Again!

This Large A-Frame sandwich board sign comes with two printed inserts that install by sliding right into the slot and on to the step. Set your message up in the location of your choice and install to this great quality sign in seconds.


On the sidewalk or roadway this size is sure to stand out! The built in handle and sturdy plastic construction are easy for anyone to move and be ready for another day of successful selling!  The extra heavy duty A-Frame is our premium model, you will not find a better built sandwich board sign on the market.

A 24 x 36 inch 1/4 inch display fits in this 46.375h x 27w 3 inch when folded sign

No more Bolts, Velcro, Screws or Tape!

Midnight Black Frame with two printed full color 24 x 36 inch inserts

Deluxe Extra Large A-Frame Sandwich Board Sign comes in White or Midnight Black.  This special Kit comes in your selection of signs and Marker Board inserts, all white or black complimenting the sign color.

On the roadway, street, sidewalk or parking lot this extra large A-Frame Sandwich Board Sign is your workhorse. No brace needed with this frame the extra thick molded plastic will not rust, peel split or spread apart when open.

Inserts are easy to change, just push up and lift out  your display Then slide your new printed display or other accessory right back into your On The Step A-Frame Sidewalk Sign.

In a windy location? No problem fill holes on this frame can accept sand or water providing weight for stability.  Even when filled to weigh this sign down you can change the sign face.  No need to drag it inside, dig up a screwdriver or find new Velcro, you can slide out the old display and slide in a new one in seconds!

  • Sturdy handle for easy portability
  • Hinges lock in open position
  • Fill holes for internal sand or water ballasting
  • Stands a impressive 46 3/8 tall by 27 inches wide
  • Uses Sign Blank Size 24 by 36 (this package includes two printed displays)
  • On The Step Tabs hold your big sign in
  • Sturdy built 20 pounds
  • Stacking Lugs nest prevent sliding when in storage
  • All Plastic
  • No Rust or splinters
  • No Maintenance
  • Closed Thickness 3 inches
  • Unique On The Step Design

Special Sale $395

If ordered separately this Printed A-Frame Kit would cost $313.00

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