Deluxe Extra Large Marker Kit

Changeable Marker Board with On The Step A-Frame Sign!

This Deluxe Extra Large On The Step unique sidewalk sign system with two marker boards, one for each side comes with wet erase markers.  The sign is a very sturdy barricade style sign that is 46 inches tall and 27 inches wide.

The marker boards are available in Black or White with complimentary colored markers.

This 46 inch tall by 27 inch wide sign has a 24 x 36 inch removable white wet erase board, the kit comes with 5 markersWhite with Bright Marker Kit shown, Black Kit also available

This product comes with 5 markers, they have chisel tips for writing letters, numbers and any other design requiring crisp definition. Included are two sign blanks, simply write on them and let them dry for three minutes. They will not rub off or wash off in the rain. To change a sign or any part of it wipe with any glass cleaner, and change again!

  • Show different messages daily
  • Alternate with other accessories and inserts
  • Coroplast marker board changes in seconds and stays securely in place
  • Great for Menus, Specials, Presentations
  • Test Marketing Ideas!
  • Unique On The Step Design, change Signs in Seconds
  • Black Kit comes with Black A-Frame and Black Boards
  • White Kit comes with White A-Frame and White Boards

Special Sale $338!

Black Marker Board with 5 Markers
White Marker Board with 5 Markers

The 46 inch tall by 27 inch wide A-Frame has 24 x 36 inch black inserts and 5 neon markers in this kitSpecial offer includes A-Frame

Sidewalk Sign, inserts and markers!

The 46 inch tall by 27 inch wide A-Frame has 24 x 36 inch black inserts and 5 neon markers in this kitSpecial offer includes A-Frame

Sidewalk Sign, inserts and markers!

Special Sale $338!

Shop online or Call Toll Free 1 800 253-1920

This Special offer includes all of this!

  • Large 2 foot by 3 foot On The Step Changeable A-Frame Sidewalk Sign
  • TWO 24 by 36 inch inserts your choice Black or White sign and matching marker boards
  • Smudge Proof, Water Proof markers complimenting your color board selection
  • Marker only comes off with ammonia based window cleaner when dry
  • Available in White or Black Marker Boards
  • 5 Vivid Bright (for white) or 5 Neon (for black) markers

White Marker Board comes with;

  • Black
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red

Black Marker Board comes with;

  • White
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Yellow

No more Bolts, Velcro, Screws or Tape!

Deluxe Extra Large A-Frame Sandwich Board Sign comes in White or Midnight Black.  This special Kit comes in your selection of signs and Marker Board inserts, all white or black complimenting the sign color.On the roadway, street, sidewalk or parking lot this extra large A-Frame Sandwich Board Sign is your workhorse. No brace needed with this frame the extra thick molded plastic will not rust, peel split or spread apart when open.

Remove the inserts from the sign to create your artwork!  Then slide it right back into your On The Step A-Frame Sidewalk Sign.  No need to take the entire sign to where you want to color your message.

In a windy location? No problem fill holes on this frame can accept sand or water providing weight for stability.  Even when filled to weigh this sign down you can change the sign face.  No need to drag it inside, dig up a screwdriver or find new Velcro, you can slide out the old display and slide in a new one in seconds!

  • Sturdy handle for easy portability
  • Hinges lock in open position
  • Fill holes for internal sand or water ballasting
  • Holds two 24 x 36 inch signs
  • Stands a impressive 46 3/8 tall by 27 inches wide
  • On The Step Tabs hold your big sign in
  • Sturdy built 20 pounds
  • Stacking Lugs nest prevent sliding when in storage
  • All Plastic
  • No Rust or splinters
  • No MaintenanceA 24 x 36 inch 1/4 inch display fits in this 46.375h x 27w 3 inch when folded sign

Sign shown with letter inserts removed to illustrate easy to change On The Step design.

Special Sale $338!

or Call Toll Free 1 800 253-1920

Sturdy Hinge tops snap open and hold sign in place, the locking hinge keeps the A-Frame sign from spreading to far.

Have a bigger need, or looking for replacement markers?

  • 1/4 inch, 6mm
  • 5/8 inch, 15mm
  • 1 1/4 inch 30mm
  • 2 inch 50mm

Have a need for more colors and options?  Be sure to visit Zig Posterman Markers, for sizes from 1/4 inch up to 2 inches wide! Metallic and Florescent colors available!