Keep Your Message Fresh!

City, Town and Country how do you motivate that customer to walk, drive or stop in?

Each Kit comes with two boards with tracks, 375 letters and more!

Change the entire insert, or change the text on the insert, keep your message fresh!

Store owners are continually looking for unique ways to advertise to passers by and bring new buyers into their place of business. Some store owners are discovering that, when used effectively, A-Frame sidewalk signs are a convenient way to grabbing the attention of customers going by, with up to date ads. A-Frame sidewalk signs have been an great method of drawing in potential buyers for decades.  As a mater of fact they were born from sandwich boards carried by people over 100 years ago.

In today’s business climate retailers are rediscovering the unique nature of A-Frame sidewalk signs and putting them for use yet again to draw in customers off the street. A-Frame sandwich board sidewalk signs work because they can be fresh and up to date. Store owners generally use a-frame sidewalk signs to lure in passing pedestrians or vehicle traffic with a fresh sale or offer. The key is to have signs that are easy to change.  If they are always the same they become invisible.

A-Frame Sign with Bright Pink (Magenta) changeable insert

Direct Printed Easy to change bright eye catching "Pink" insert

The most popular is the a-frame sidewalk sign that have been many times seen in movies, on TV and on sidewalks in lots of little country towns and large cities everywhere.  The most successful A-Frame sidewalk signs are ones that can be easily changed with either letter track panels for letters, full color digitally printed posters or a chalkboard panel using wet erase liquid chalk markers.

Be creativity when implementing an A-Frame sidewalk sign advertising program. Change graphics and sign copy verbiage regularly to keep people engaged in the message. Many store owners like to put out clever sayings that are regularly freshened up along with their promotions to keep regular passing traffic coming back to the store.

Test a little to find out what motivates your customer. Keep a diary of just how they respond to various specials and you will develop an understanding of the words, promotions and different tricks and techniques that your new and existing customers respond to the best.