Heading in the Right Direction!

Directional Sign for Bobby's Bike Shop

The trick to getting you headed in the right direction to create your own pair directional sign inserts may actually seem a bit strange.

So you put together the design for your insert and you think I am going to be putting the sign right outside my store so both arrows should point to the left so everyone will see it and come in ….right?

Wrong! The secret to getting both arrows to point to in the same direction is to make the arrow on one insert point to the left and the arrow on the other insert point to the right. The reason for this is that the inserts on either sides of the sidewalk sign face opposite directions so if both arrows are printed pointing the same one side of the sign would be pointing people into your store and the other side would be sending them across the street. So to avoid sending mixed messages to your customers make sure both your arrows end up pointing them right to you.

Inserts for Open House

This pair of inserts was made for a Realtor that ordered a large sidewalk sign to attract people to the Open House she was having for a Model Condo.

The signs are perfect for applications just like this because they are light and easy to transport to any location. Creating instant advertising for people passing by in a car or on foot.

Inserts can be ordered for your A-Frame Sign.

Price: $135

or order a Sign Kit for the best value!

View all sizes in our Sign Kit Store!

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