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This sandwich board sign increased attendance the first night it was usedThis unique line of Sandwich Board Signs also known as A-Frame signs or Sidewalk signs are easy to change!  They also support dozens of accessories providing the most versatile sign for selling on the market today.

A community Arts Council was frustrated with attendance, the town common was well traveled 18,000 cars drove by everyday while attendance had stagnated at the Monday night concerts.  The group had a concept for a hand built sign to publicize the event but the weight of the A-Frame sign was to heavy for some to get it off the common at the end of the night.

  • The lightweight sturdy nature of the On The Step A-Frame sign provided a great base for a set of interchangeable signs.
Attendance increased immediately according to organizers “The signs had instant impact, people told us they forgot that the event was on Monday.  We even had people that never knew we had concerts all summer.  I guess they normally just did not drive by the common on Monday nights.”
Music Tonight on one side, Music Monday on the other easy to change A-Frame Signs

Music Tonight on one side, Music Monday on the other easy to change A-Frame Signs

With one side imprinted with “Music Monday” the other with “Music Tonight” along with a whimsical music note they were timely to.  Setting up the Sandwich Board sign on Wednesday with “Music Monday” inserted, then changing it to “Music Tonight” on Monday morning people noticed.  “The sign no longer blended into the background as it was always different”

Although not required the sign was removed Monday night after the concerts, and returned on Wednesday during the day.  This helped people to notice it as something different caught their eye.

Click HERE for more details on the Large On The Step Large Sign used at this event.   The type of inserts created were simple, built to last for years.

Vinyl inserts available in all three sizes, be sure to add a On The Step Sign to your order!

If you need two sided reversible units like the ones reviewed in this application story order this two sided insert Backgrounds are available in a variety of colors.  Remember these displays are easy to change in seconds ready for your event.

You must send us your design! Use our contact page to send us a file.  We will need to review this with you by email or telephone.

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