Hair Salon Builds Market

On The Step A-Frame insertsLooking for a way to grow a new market on hair accessories this salon was looking for a way to promote “Out in the street” with a Sandwich Board sign.
  • The specifications were;
  • Full Color
  • Under $175.00
  • Two Sided
  • Water Proof and UV Proof
  • Be able to change the display in the future even though just one pair of inserts were needed for now
  • It had to be done by the weekend, just 3 days away!

Using the On The Step Large sign as a base unit.  The designer for the Hair Salon created a stunning piece following the design guide for inserts on this website.  They were emailed in the middle of the week and were shipped and in the customers hand on Friday.

The special price at the time, was $150.00 this included a Large A-Frame sign, and two inserts printed in full color.  These 1/4 inch thick inserts shipped installed in the sign.  On arrival it was carried to the curb and set up on display.  Able to be left out in the rain and able to tolerate New England Weather conditions the display was durable enough to support a future set of inserts for yet another vertical market for the Salon.

Full color photo with large website and phone opened a new market for Hair Salon

Full color photo with large website and phone opened a new market for Hair Salon

From your PDF file we image your sign to UV stable outdoor vinyl bonded to coroplast ready for your On The Step Sign! Any image is possible including full color photographs! Be sure to save your file “for print” and make sure your scans are high resolution (150 dpi @ 100%) for the best quality.  Full details on the file specifications can be found in our “Design Guide” online.

Order one of these unique sign kits for only $190.00

Special Sale $150.00!

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